Playing with Code - because I have a problem


I am clokey2k. In my spare time I can get rather lost in programming languages — this website is a collection of my code, thoughts and demos.

Most of the work you will find on this site is written about web based frontend languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and backend languages (PHP, MySQL, Node.js). I have been known to also dabble in Java (for Android) and C#.

My day job however is primarily hardware based, as I work as a Customer Engineer for NCR in the UK. This is an interesting source of inspiration, as I see the UI's on NCR products - and the solutions they provide, along with seeing the challanges of managing Service Calls and part Logistics.

I hope to write up any ideas / problems I have, and any solutions I come accross. I know my solutions may not be best solution to a problem, but hopefully they will inspire you to adapt it to your needs.

So why not read my most recent article: Abstraction - making life simpler.

Or look at all of my articles.

Maybe you have a question you would like to ask? Maybe my Curriculum Vitae has the answers? If that's not what you are looking for why not contact me?

Thank you for visiting.

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